The Proposed Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Digital Currency | NOW Grenada

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This is the first in a set of articles about the ongoing developments in the world of cryptographic technology-based currencies, including the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Digital Currency (DXCD).

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Sad to see as a developer of you are resorting to copy and paste from the original article. I wanted to upvote this post but I always check to see whether the accompanying note consist of original thoughts. If no, no upvote. Sorry.

20.11.2019 15:21

True, Donald, what a gwaan?! ;) Di man here is right.
What are your thoughts to this?
You support Central Bank Digital Currency????
Or you just keep us informed...?

20.11.2019 15:40

No he is not. It’s a share, nothing more. Steem cult stuff is why new people hate sharing content on here. If he doesn’t like it keep moving along, don’t comment. We’ll never onboard people from other social networks with THIS sentiment towards sharing content.

Good day

20.11.2019 15:59

What is "Steem cult stuff" ?

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21.11.2019 11:11

@luca1777. It has never posted and was only used for 1 comment— this one on my post. Clearly the guy is trolling. Who uses a sock to post a negative opinion? A troll. We don’t tolerate them on RS, all accounts will be banned if there is any sign of shady rewards.

20.11.2019 16:36

Sad to say, I don’t care about Steem social (cultish) dynamics— or objective comments. This was shared to share the information, next time I’ll null the rewards for you.

Not all of us (like yourself) are posting to Earn Steem, the information is good for our community and that’s all that matters.


Comment negatively on my posts again and you won’t like it.

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20.11.2019 15:58

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20.11.2019 15:23

Nothing is wrong with sharing articles and this isn't really something you can comment on. "Yes, I like that the Caribbean is taking digital currencies seriously and smaller, less complex economies may have an advantage in adopting blockchain tech. This dude is smart."

What can you really say about this article, there isn't much to improve on. Sharing the article is important and Dlike is the way to do it. Maybe you can set a (partial) beneficiary next time to @crypticat or @null then haters can't really hate. :D

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21.11.2019 01:07

Sounds like a plan, lol I’ll send 50 @null 😅


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21.11.2019 19:33

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