Honda Aviator Fix Part 1

Happy Sunday,

It seems the moped issue I had a few weeks ago (this post) may have been a sign of something worse. On Friday, I was taking a quick trip into town when the bike made a loud explosive💥 sound and died center of the road. Forcing me to think fast, jump off and push it out of the way of traffic. Moments later a friend pushed me back home with his bike.

There were a couple people around when it happened, and two Rasta’s by the fruit stands next to Corner Bar told me not to worry:

“It sound like deh belt buss yute” said one, meaning it sounded like the drive belt may have broken.

I was assured it’s not like a car, if the belt bursts it should be fine if you replace it. Always the one to try and fix things in pursuit of knowledge, I immediately put it off for Sunday— I’ll pull it down, remove the belt and replace myself (if) I can...

Yeah right 🙄






Turns out the belt is sound. So it must be something else, maybe internal and I’ll need a piston or something—

That would be GREAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!! lol, nothing more like having a real reason to make things FASTER 😅👍🏽

I’ll likely need a professional to take a look, but for now I’m spending this fine Sunday afternoon taking everything off in hopes I can spot the problem. If you notice anything (doubt it) in these pics, or know a thing or two about these scooters/mopeds, pleases give me some tips in the comments.

Jah Bless

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Good luck, you're right about one thing, it can't be diagnosed by the photos. I'll assume you checked the sparkplug and had a reasonable clean filter. So then it may be a leak...bang! The electric ones are getting pretty good and shouldn't have most of those problems, they're becoming common here, although one wouldn't want to be on one in February. Good luck!

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24.11.2019 22:42

It was the plug bro, pulled it down and there it was hanging still on the wire. Got up early and fixed it this morning, worse fear was that the threads were damaged but it turned out to be ok— I just gotta remember to check it more often to see if it’s loose.

If it happens again I may just re-thread it and get a bigger plug 😎

May post the second part later tonight, maybe 🤷🏽‍♂️ maybe not lol

Not sure, also difference here is unless you’re using solar the electricity bill may be higher than the full tank of gas for $6 usd... last about a week (or more) round town.

There’s a white moped one in the garage like new, but it’s my uncles... should be available when you get here tho. We just have to ask.

Cheers !BEER

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