The First Simple Step to Regaining Control Over time.


I first came up against major time management frustrations around 10 years ago. I was spending around 28 hours a week on unimportant tasks and activities.

Together with an additional 12-16 hours a week on business admin tasks like accounting and client record keeping.

I didn't know it at the time though that I was literally losing time, I was busy and thought that it's business development.

Enough wasted time had passed and I'd had enough of wheel-spinning and needed to get to the bottom of the way I was using time or wasting time more so...

I felt like everything I did for my business was a waste of time.

Have you ever felt like that?

What I did

I spent a couple weeks documenting where every minute of my workday was going and how those minutes made me feel.

I split them into two categories, the tasks and activities that directly lead to new clients, (money generating tasks) and those that don't directly impact acquiring new clients.

Then I prioritised the non-money generating tasks, systemised them, automated some and outsourced others.

The impact and result was almost immediate.

It gave me the focused time and energy for real business development and money generating activities.

All because I got real with myself and my time. It was painful to see how I'd spent and lost time and will always happen without prioritising, systemising and outsourcing.

As a coach I realised to have a greater impact and change other peoples lives I needed to change my own first and work more effectively and efficiently.

This is what I'd love for other health and wellness coaches out there too.


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