The Ongoing Cannabis Vape Issue

Mass Terpenes, Honey Cut, Floraplex Terpenes, these are the 3 companies that have been subpoenaed in the ongoing weed vape illness investigation that has seen hundreds of people become sick from all over the country.

Just recently, it had been discovered that vitamin E oil thickeners, vitamin E acetate, had been the likely culprit to blame for the sudden spike in those suffering from lung disease illness.

In one survey of at least 4,000 people who vape it was found that those with lung injuries were 9x more likely to vape black market products, *including 8x more likely* to have used a Dank Vapes product.

Public health officials have claimed that a large amount of counterfeit "Dank Vapes" products might have been to blame for the vape illness crisis.

However, there were some cases that had been reported by individuals who only vaped nicotine, it is believed however that the vitamin E acetate is now overwhelmingly to blame. Still, the FDA says that they aren't ruling out any other contaminants yet.

Those three companies mentioned above that have been subpoenaed all allegedly sell diluents that contain vitamin E acetate, they have been ordered to assist the FDA investigation that is ongoing.

When you consider the rise in illness and deaths over this vape issue, it still doesn't come close to that which is linked to say prescription medications or alcohol. With alcohol, there are more than 80,000 alcohol-related deaths in the United States, that took place just in 2018 alone.

Even though the vape issue might not cause the same sort of threat as the others, it has still caught the attention of government officials and has given them another reason to come up with a new tax, in an effort to try and keep people away from purchasing and using vapes. Because vapes are bad and they don't want us vaping, unless we pay enough first.

For those 3 companies that have been subpoenaed so far, they have allegedly pulled their products from the shelves already.

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This is why you look over the ingredients and do research to learn more about the chemicals in the specific vape products that you're looking to get. And to also look up the side effects of the individual ingredients.

12.11.2019 02:44

Whenever you buy a commercial product you are at the mercy of the company and their honesty. What you don't know can hurt, or kill you. Those fat-soluble vitamins are toxic in high doses.

12.11.2019 05:20

I have had a vape broken for a long time, I want a new one for myself. But probably I won’t buy it.

12.11.2019 15:32

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12.11.2019 19:06

sweet! thanks @davedickeyyall

13.11.2019 01:53

Still vaping though.... lol #diehard haha

12.11.2019 19:54

same same!

13.11.2019 01:53

My thoughts on the subject are that:
1) adulterated products were introduced into the supply on purpose by certain people or entities that stand to gain from this (regular tobacco companies specifically)
2) they have been adding cutting agents to vape pens for years without much regulation or knowledge on the ingredients

I quit dabbing and vaping almost 100% in early 2018 after I started getting repeated asthma attacks, some in the middle of the night, which is terrifying. I had pain in my chest and lungs and was also getting light headed often. I attributed it to vaping at too high of a temperature, or impure product, but in the end I think that we just arent meant to inhale these kinds of things into our lungs (oils, terpenes, tars, flavor chemicals).

13.11.2019 08:26

thanks for your comment! sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with it, I have been lucky myself and haven't had any negative side effects like that and for me vaping is the best option for traveling, when i need to medicate discretely, works better for me than any other option. And studies have shown that vaping cannabis can be much healthier than smoking, and that many cannabis users who vape have less lung issues than those who smoke

you are right temperature and quality etc can play a big role and I was lucky enough to know someone close to me who was very educated on vaping to begin with and they helped me find a good quality product, lots of garbage out there from ppl who would rather make a quick buck than build a reputation by providing true HQ products! ✌️ .. just plain old joints mostly for me! 😄

13.11.2019 19:51

This is one of those unfortunate reasons its difficult to support self regulations by certain industries.

26.11.2019 03:23