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One more after this I think, most pics of the other 95% of my life are simply gone ..

Like my life's painfully poetic and the worst part : I can't find a way to blame myself, only those who knew better...

fine ... pic removed by friendly demand, ask and ye shall receive, but that goes for posers and camera phones, loud monkeys and driveby shouters too , patience is angelic, not eternal
i have no idea what you think you wanna do with pictures from a distant past anyway but i got nothing to prove , its just all true :) the bad, the good ... but if it comes to getting info from ex girlfriends and friends who werent there id take that with a grain (or a kilo ) of salt if you please ... sadly resource credits will make this take a day to remove all four or five, thanks ..thanks ??? for what ? i dont think theres a person in the world i owe anything to
It's REALLY simple : i wanna be left alone and that's it, no one has anything i want and all my dreams are fucked and its not the stepping route cliché never see eye to eye but that only works both ways, if im not left alone i can hardly sit around and be pissed on ... but maybe someone needs to explain that to the guys with five braincelss combined around here somewhere ... cos my words dont seem to get through ... good for my online rep i guess but well, its clear its watching

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