AI... Master Go player resignates...



...and is right about it?

Well, it ain't so new that alpha go and co had blown human go players out of the water.

Still this news here, with an causality that could've been an result spit out by an AI, shows the undisputable and consummate defeat of man in the battle man vs. machine.

In Se-dol (the guy who thought he can still fight an AI go player; Check out this article) words...

"With the debut of AI in Go games, I’ve realized that I’m not at the top even if I become the number one through frantic efforts. Even if I become the number one, there is an entity that cannot be defeated."

An experience and result we have to get used to in many fields we've thought safe from "machine supremacy".

My thesis is... we're soooo not ready for this!

Even if these still are niches of highly specialized problem solving, AI driven machines with very narrow targets of operation this will widen on a day by day basis.

I would even go so far that areas, that we still think are "untouchable" by machines because creativity is imperative for them to be successful will fall like domino stones some time in the future.

If there is nothing left in or at which we will still be in undisputable supremacy vs our own AI creations, what will this do to our self-conception?

I really have no idea to be honest.

Will we be Ok just reducing our lifes to self-preservation and reproduction?

What will it be like when an AGI cracks all of the genom's of all living things and it could even replace these basic parts of human existence and reproduction up to an adjusted and optimized "code" eliminating all "anomalies" and imperfections?

I drift off into some very disturbing thoughts about such an general direction.

However... check out this article on the intro to my little post here.


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Disturbing thoughts to say the least...

30.11.2019 21:36

Dear Jaynie!

I'm sorry... I would love to concentrate more on the positive effects of these AI driven possibilities but I cannot help myself other than to, again and again, realize that these changes that will come aren't understood in the slightest by most.

Even researchers that are actively driving the stunning progress that is made in these fields seem to turn a blind eye onto the great risks that we will all be exposed through this. At the moment we in fact have nothing that is regulating what will happen besides some efforts to ban FAW/LAW (fully autonomous weapons / lethal autonomous weapons).

Nothing is simply not enough I'm afraid and so I guess a good idea is to raise some awareness to get more brains involved in an open discourse about this!


02.12.2019 02:21

Well said @doifeellucky. Us humans don't always exercise efficient foresight!

03.12.2019 09:08


03.12.2019 12:34