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There are many so many different kinds of community leadership, especially in the community base. Qualities of the leaders have to be present to all the members, effective leader draws from a range of personal assets and equalities to help deal with different people and challenges.

A part of growing the community to stay strong, as a leader we expanding our personal qualities & techniques on how to manage the society in terms of asking questions & answer to the community. When the community is not strong in a particular to show their quality it is also wise to seek the opinions to the community or contributions of others who are strong in that quality well. We ask the community to complement the team what is the best way to manage the community ecosystem. The leader's well-organized person can help or manage the community to complement the creative, fashion, positive person to sustain the community to the future. A person with a sense of humor can complement the serious-minded person to take advantage of what plans ahead to conduct.

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First is Courage: The leader Does not hide from any challenges speaks up for what is right even if there is opposition. No to scary of any situation ahead.

Second is Creativity: Thinks of many different ways or techniques to solve different challenges.

The third is Loyalty: Show your capability and stay true to friends and family or team members through difficult times to the community base.

The Fort Honesty: Speaks truthfully and acts sincerely to the community, takes responsibility for own feelings and actions so the community same feelings and responsibilities they showed.

The fifth is Self-regulation: Its shows to Control your emotions to the community and sticks to the mass decisions are disciplined.

Six Forgiveness Accept all shortcoming comments of others without anger to the community and give members a second chance to ask or accept their forgiveness.

Seven is Compassion: We need to Think of how others are feeling the community base.

Eight is Intelligence: Learn and quick decision, and think of good solutions that have a love of learning.

Nine is Determination: Focus on targeting goals and work hard to achieve the plan for the future.

Ten is Enthusiasm: The leader or a member Has lots of energy and excitement for life to change the community stay strong.

Eleven is Humour: Feel and Sees the community members lighter side of their life and helps the member laugh.

Twelve is Fairness: Treat the communities fairly, learn and advocate for their respected rights, don't let personal feelings bias decisions to others.

Thirteen is Generosity: Show or to give freely of time and possessions to the community and demonstrates kindness with corresponding care, and love that we need it the most.
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Work as a Team

Face the community leadership, where underlings simply obey the leader of the community leadership. It can be useful to teach the community capabilities of efficiency and effectiveness. Community leadership is about building relationships and working together. Work as a team will take the task away from someone who is not completing their goal or works. Being a leader patient with one another and supporting one another is the process to builds the capacity and relationship in the community.

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Be Accountable to the Community

The community leadership is about the people who live with you and near you. Community leadership is not just about policies, processes or procedures. More than anything, it is about people that how you manage or teach them to learn more about the community base. Often when we teach or guide the communities to the work, they will ask what to do or what do you think will happen in the next generation. Meetings is more important to show the plan and goal to the community. This keeps the leadership team transparency to the community to focus on what we are doing what we do, and why we are really making decisions. Just like me, this is my first engagement to manage the community as well. And I need to show them that I can manage the community to a brighter future.

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Is cooperation is the key to success. The price of success is hard work, depending on how we dedicate to the job at hand, and Yes, also the determination is the first set in mind that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task we carried. Always be our self, to express our motivation & creativity, have faith in God and of course our selves also. Sacrifice is the key to success.

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