remove email account permanently by android


remove email account permanently delete email account in just 1 minute.
The main means of keeping online active is email or Gmail or Yahoo account.

But if this account is two or more, then you have to endure a lot of hassle online.

Because if you have more accounts on Android phone, the speed to run online is very slow, hangs, and even it becomes difficult to access online.

So it is best to delete one or two emails. Phone speed is active

So friends, let's start the discussion now.

To remove email account permanently, I will first click on the phone's settings app. Like the picture below.

Then the interface will come, we will go down by scrolling.

Then the interface will come, there will be an option called Accounts, I will click on it.

Then the Google option will appear in the interface.

I will click on Google.
If you click on it, the number of email accounts you have on your phone will be in order.

Click on the email you want to delete or delete from here.

remove email account permanently
The three dot button on the top right of this interface
I will click.

Here come two options.
(1) A holo-sync now
(2) The other - Remove account

I will click on option 2 Remove account
Then the interface

Here again the Remove account button will come again.

Click here to remove the email account permanently.
The work is done.

Now come back and see if you have that account or not.

See I deleted my yahoo account,
That is no more. Only email account is available.
It's like magic, isn't it? Then you can do all this yourself.

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