Get rid of annoying emails just like with some settings on an Android phone


Get rid of annoying emails just like with some settings on an Android phone.
Email or Gmail or Yahoo account is the main base or way to enter online.

Moreover, in this email we also express and exchange thoughts or feelings like letters.

But if some unnecessary and annoying emails come to the email inbox again and again, then who doesn't feel annoyed?

So friends, first we will turn on the data of Android phone or smartphone.

In other words, if you hold the screen of the mobile phone with your finger and pull it down, the notification bar of the mobile will come out. If you click on the data, the data will be turned on.


The next step to get rid of annoying emails is to click on Gmail or Email or Yahoo app.

Then that interface will come. That is the email inbox. Here I will find any one of the sites or emails from which the annoying email comes.

When you click on the place marked in red.

Annoying emails will open completely.

I will click on the three dot button on the right side of this email.
Then the interface will come, there will be a few options.

There is an option at the bottom that says Block "email"

To get rid of annoying emails
I will click here. Then the work is over.
Email will never come from email again.

Unblock again.

What is written in English in the place marked in red in this picture means "Email will never come from that email again.

This is how to get rid of annoying emails.

These emails will remain in the Email Center as spam.

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