The Dairy Game: 30/04/21



Hello fellow Steemians. I am pleased once more sharing with you my day on this wonderful community #Steem-cameroon.
My day was not actually a really busy one, though was just occupied more than usual.
In a summary, it just about

  • My rise up and chores
  • Day activities
  • writing of the #achievement 4 post
  • movie time.

My Rise up and Chores.

Well as usual, i have not waking up that early again as i use to. Still trying to figure out what's actually, probably it should be a decrease of schedule. I woke up at about 7:30am, as usual, i always write my daily game first, for the previous day. So fortunate, i food that before going to better. So i read on the article on achievement 4. Well it was quite lengthy and challenging, i had to take a break and do some chores at home. Since the scarcity of water had really been alarming this days, i had to go hunt for some. Well that's all i did for the morning.

Day Activities

Well the day activities had to turn to a lengthy and interesting talk. I actually had to help a friend out to help enroll in the University of Bamenda online learning platform. uniba E-learning

Despite the Bad Network, i had to struggle and tussle with it, until i had to finish. In less than no time, her friend arrived, after hearing the good news. Well the friend was a Muslim.
After dealing with hers, we began chating, and she really told me a lot about Muslims, and promised to teach me their prayers, i can not just wait to learning.

who is coming with me to learn???

Writing of Achievement 4

Really challenging, I can day with no doubts. But i can really say at this point that, i have really learned a lot from it. I took about 2 hours to finish reading the article i started earlier, and writing the achievement.


What matters most is i am done.

Movie time.

After all the days stress, i had to end it up with a good movie, to relax my mind, in this lonely environment. The movie title was Addicted. I well not be taking more on it because it was really a rated movie, with viewer discretion adviced.


Thanks for Reading

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As for me your day was pretty busy lol!! I wake up so late this time around too. I dont just know why!

cameroon #affable #twopercent

30.04.2021 22:39