The Dairy Game: 27/04/21


Many People agree that happiness is a state of mind.

Well i can say it's true, just to a certain extend.
Yesterday Monday, sitting the whole day home with dad was like a week spent in the farm alone.

I will not actually say her was bidding, or boring or what ever, just that i hate Mondays for one purpose, because my dad will be around the whole day, and i really Hates being disturbed when trying to do some personal stuffs, i can day he is perfect in that.

Well this said Thursday, i had to be at work with him, which is actually a choice though.

I woke up quite early, well my early is always stated at 6am.
First things first. After that, i had to do my morning devotion, well as always the case, i do my morning trading, seems most often, I'm successful quite often in the morning periods well.

Besides trading, we all know of the daily dairy game.
Had to write the dairy game for the previous day.
Finally left the room at about 9am, after watching an episode of the movie #Strike-Back.
Well it quite an interesting movie, which i will be recommending you guys to watch, the Genre is just about fun, fight and love.
With fight dominating over all of them, as the united states and the United Kingdom try working together to keep the North Korean from producing Nuclear weapons.

Off to work i left.



I then spent most of the hours working in my dads plc

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27.04.2021 22:05

Day well spent@doctor23
love your handy work


27.04.2021 23:08

Firstly if there's anything i must appreciate about u is the fact that you get to always give thanks to God almighty and committing everything you get to do for that day into his hands.

And more courage and wisdom and blessings from dad as you get to help him.

28.04.2021 22:12