The Dairy Game: 24/04/21


Hello #Steemians

I am indeed grateful for all the comments in my dairy game yesterday.
Most of the comments where geared toward i not giving up in my trading.
As none of my trades actually touched take profit. With all that i had more confidence as i traded the market today.

I woke up at about 5am, which was actually the second time third said night. I first did at 3am, but i could not afford at all. Was really feeling broken, so i had to take a sleep again.
In this'd light, i woke up at 5am, the time was really small for me to carry all the days activities before 6am.
When i talk of days activities, you know what i mean right. trading and writing of dairy game

Well said. Trading was actually favorable, as i focussed most of my attention on the crash 500 indices, as seeing some retracement on a minor support level.


While my trades were running, i had to write my dairy game post for friday.

My data seemed to be more than me. Due to time constraint, as it had less than 30 minuits to expire.

I had no option than to download movies. I downloaded about 6 movies, still pending for me to watch.

The later part of the day, i just spent sleeping, as that is actually the only only option i have this days.

By 4pm, i had to go for choir practice, as we will be singing tomorrow in church.

tomorrow go play


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Wow you are a forex trader, ill love to learn how to trade

24.04.2021 21:33

Forex seems kinda cool

24.04.2021 22:33

Forex waouh cool. I think i have to learn this. Hihihihi the digital market is taking over.

affable #twopercent #cameroon

25.04.2021 21:03