The Dairy Game: 23/04/21: Birthday Celebration

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Too bad, i have never known my mum's birthday. it was on thursday when she made mention during a conversation that her birthday is the next day, that is on friday. It felt a little ackward and shamefull that i did not know her birthday but she knows mine, and i have always known others. i pretended as if i know already so she would not feel a type and think i am that heartless. i pretended as if i has forgotten tomorrow is friday.

well, i woke at 4am this time around wrote my daily dairy game as usual, did some trading. and by 6am i was done with everything and good to go with the days activities.
i actually wished a happy birthday and promise to buy her a wine for her celebration.
next in plan was writing my #achievement 3. i did not know i had to wait until all the other achievements have been verified before i have to write the next. so i had to post my achievement 3, while achievement 2 is still pending t be verified. well achievement 3 was all about Plagiarism. its really interesting though. Because i use to do a lot of copy and paste and paste stuffs, but now i am learning to bring out original and quality contents.


Wine Purchase

they often say a promise is a dept. i actually felt as if i am in a dept just because of the promise i made on the purchase of the wine. i had to pull up at the mile 4 junction, looked some quality wine and make an exchange with the money we agreed on. i returned home, kept it at a safe.

By evening, i had to hussle some fish for her, and supper for my self as well/
By 7am, everyone was home, so we sang a birthday song for her and we all ate and drank together as a family.

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Too bad, i have never known my mum's birthday.

Hahahaha weehh it's not good eh. But sometimes we don't even remember our own birthdays. I hope you won't forget it anymore. Nice day though.

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24.04.2021 09:44