The Dairy Game: 06/05/21


Birthday Celebration

Well the planted day actually arrived. The birthday of my Smally actually arrived.
This day has been waited really, especially for her siblings.
Lets talk about statusing... I can say the statusing was exaggerating, as the count down was done everyday, for the past 10 days.



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This said Thursday, i woke up at about 3 am. I can say this one this time around was Insomnia, i did not actually wish to wake up this early, but due to circumstances beyond my control, i was up in effect, i could not just sit there doing nothing. I had to correct my Achievement 4, with some mistakes which was pointed out by the admins of the #steem-cameroon community.

In less than 30 minuits i was done with that and went to check of the current rates of other crypto currencies seems bitcoin, is still trying to pull up it's retracement with all it's power it can. It was at 56, 000$/BTC. Did some findings to on the steem and SBD trends. So luckily, my prediction on this actually came as predicted. The SBD fell to about 6.3$/SBD.
Seems the Steem has also taken an uptrend, with 1$/Steem.

Birthday Wishes


Second phase of the day was all about the birthday wishes and celebration.
I finally woke up again at 7am after a 1 hour sleep from 6am to 7am. Did some regular chores at home, which included washing of the dishes, and carrying of water. In less than an hour, i was done with that.
And we moved then to our birthday wishes and celebration.

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Happy Birthday again to you.

07.05.2021 06:07

Fun filled day
Happy birthday to your smally
Bro your responsibilities wake you up now our days, you donโ€™t actually decide to wake up. The problems wake you up

07.05.2021 06:28

Wow happy birthday to you , but angry I was not invited ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

07.05.2021 06:32

You will be invited, during the next. Promise....

09.05.2021 19:17