The Dairy Game: 02/04/21


A glimps of the taste of life in the village, can really be so interesting at some point in life.
My day was actually a quite busy one. As i spent the morning period trying to prepare for my travel to the village, and the after period actually travelling, and finally the evening period working in the village.

Morning Preparation

Well, i actually woke up quite early as my usual time. By 6am, i was up. No morning duties this time around. But no matter what, i had to write the dairy game as usual. By 6:30am, i was done writing and what was left for me was to do my necessary arrangements. I had to walk around that morning in a snappy manner, and informed some closed friends i will be away for some time. Then i actually visited a techniciant, who have been repairing my woofer for almost over two weeks now. Well it was still the same wahala . Still continued giving promises as usual saying let me give him some few time again. Its not strange though, thats why i did not really bordered much. From there i had to come home to strange my stuffs. I took about an hour to strange everything. By 10am, the car was ready to go, so i took my ride.


Well, traveling to Ndop this days, is not the safest thing to do. I could not take pictures of my travel, due to the risk enquired. One is prefered to just put your phone in your puckets and do your activities, to avoid complications espiecially from the police.
In view of that, on the ID card check point in Sabga. I was searched for over 30 miniuts. It was really worrysome. Everyone passed, And i was left alone. The police searched my bag, pockets..
And finally my phone. Took about 20 minuits manipulating my phone, saying i am a scammer. I just told him to Enjoy his moment and take a ride through the phone. Ofcourse Nothing found and journey continues.

Arrival in Village.

My arrival was highly awaited with the preparation of this mighty mud fish.
I then headed to work a little in the corn mill, and tomorrow the rice mill.

Thanks for reading.

Comments 3

Lol travelling to ndop lately is tough the last time i visited home i stood there for an hour those people at sabga look for every reason to humilate and take money from a passenger

03.05.2021 05:22

I cant remember when i lastly visited my village bro nice trip

03.05.2021 06:01

And tgen they say village life isn't the best

03.05.2021 09:44