Smallest Mango tree ever


Hello there dear Steemians, in this wonderful community #steem-cameroon. I am indeed grateful writing and sharing this great research by me on this wonderful community on #steemit.
Of course we do have wonderful plants out there. We all know that and have grown with the notion that, a mango tree is actually supposed to start bearing after about 5 years minimum. Well, i will be cancelling that thought today.

Mango Tree


We can see the fruits of this mango tree!

This tree is not even up to two metres tall, and it is bearing mango fruits already. The exact age of this tree is 2 years, well, last year it did bear fruits as well, though it was just a year old. Strange but true! With all the evidence in pictures you can see for your selve.


I actually walked through the garden with @white22, and they were many other beautiful plants, but i just chose to make a post on this, i will be coming with the next post probably on Guava or Oranges, as they were extra ordinary as well.



It is not by height or size, but by might.

The small mango tree just explained all the details of this wise saying.

Thanks for reading

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Exactly it's a great thing! The scripture is fulfilled that these things are revealed to the children. When I saw the thumbnail if this post I was wondering. But I remembered the orange trees in the catholic church in bambili "our lady of fatima parish" they produce huge oranges too. Indeed it is not by size or height. No matter how small you may be, you can still produce great fruits

12.06.2021 10:27

You really get the point @majerius

Thank you

12.06.2021 10:36

I am still confuse. Say what caused the tree to bear fruits after 1 year again.

That wonderful. Was it a research or just a coincidence that the tree had to grow fruits ??

14.06.2021 16:07

They are specific species

18.06.2021 19:27

Grafted and marcotted fruit trees will take less than two years to bear. The tree should have been grafted or marcotted but another version that takes lesser period to grow are genetically modified trees. Genetically modified fruits are strongly discouraged and i think you can read a bit about them online.

18.06.2021 18:50

Woaw, thanks for the comment. I now understand.

18.06.2021 19:29