Meditation: 10/04/21


Praise the living God beloved in Christ. Hope you slept well. We thank God for this new Year and this Easter Season, and blessed day. After going through the book of Ruth, it will be judicious to continue with the book of Samuel.(First Samuel is the ninth book of the bible. The books of First Samuel and Second Samuel are counted as one book in the Hebrew Bible. Although First Samuel begins with the life of Samuel, it tells more about David than about Samuel. The book records Samuel’s life, Saul’s life, and David’s anointing and his early years.). I believe you enjoyed the journey through the book of Ruth . Let's continue with chapter 19 of the book of 1Samuel . . Please read,reread, meditate and contemplate this chapter, then send to me the verse or verses that touched you.

Thanks very much for participating in this spiritual exercises. Remember that the time spent with the Lord is never and will never be a wasted time
Questions from chapter 19 . 1) Who said, “If thou save not thy life tonight, tomorrow thou shall be slain.”

2) Through what did David escape from his house when Saul’s messengers were watching for Saul?

3) What did Michal lie in the bed on a pillow of goat’s hair and cover with a cloth?

4) When Saul sent his messengers to take David what did Michal say to them?
5) When Saul sent his messengers the second time to take David what was his instructions?

6) Who is speaking and to whom. “Why hast thou deceived me so, and sent away mine enemy, that he is escaped?”

7) When David escaped from Saul through the window of his house, where did he go and to whom?

8) When David went to Samuel in Ramah and related all Saul had done. Where did David and Samuel go to live? 9) What came upon Saul at Sechu and he prophesied from Sechu to Naioth?

10) How long did Saul prophesy before Samuel at Naioth?

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