The Dairy Game: 17/04/21


Say saturdays are days parties.
Well, it's dependent on how the week was.
I woke up at about 5:30 am, did my morning devotion as usual, and continued typing the project i am helping my friend out with.
At about 6:30am i wrote my dairy game as usual.

By 7am, i was done with my indoors activities, and it was time for house chores as usual, so i had to do laundry for the continuation.
Well, nothing else to do. I had to stay indoors, and watch tv, drink and trade.


Too bad my
my whiskey was finished, so i headed out to the purchase another one. In less than a 30 minuits i was back, with the king of whiskies "Vegas"
that's just how i killed my self the whole period.


While drinking, i was trading, you all know what that means, actually bad though, because i killed your emotions, and you will be fearless in the market. So never you drink and trade.


This is actually binary indices, with a trade of the volatility 75 indices, most people always prefer trading it, because it is quite volatile. Me as well prefer it, but smaller accounts are really bad for trading. Volatility 75 is a killer four smaller accounts. Same as it can easily grow your account as well, of you are being careful.

I left home again at about 4pm, for choir practice add usual on Saturdays, out was quite interesting, and really learn some few notes I n singing.

And that is how my day ended

thankz for reading

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Waouh okay whisky drinker. Nice write up I guess someday you'll expantiate on trading 😋 because that language lost a biochemist

19.04.2021 09:59

@majerius you can follow the introductory posts i posted earlier. Its for beginners..


19.04.2021 13:56

Wow you drank whiskey and went for choir practice wow guess you are a pro at singing? Well done

20.04.2021 01:39

I wish I was as knowledgeable with trading as you why not even more than you, but I learned a few things from your write up. "Do not drink and trade" love that coat.

20.04.2021 05:39