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We Play

Superior loneliness seeks the following partnership love, I order you to open your heart because I send you sincere words, thoughts and emotions. Feel poisons of passion in the veins of a common destiny, you are the light in the dark moments that gives the strength of the fire mission of love.


The gentle water raises the wind of emotions on the altar of love games, the moon covers the face of bright love on the romantic scent of the winter. We are smiling with money, the profit of passion is demanding its debts on the gambling board of destiny.

Without the morale, the sun has a different colour, the moon is not romantic and has shades, the fog and lies. Success without a friend does not have the power of transformation, the ego is the killer of true happiness and joy. Everything starts with a deep understanding of the top rules, everything ends on the foundations of a new beginning.

We play music from dreams on instruments of thought and imagination, we create songs with an open heart that looks forward to all forms of love energy. Protecting the sin on the lips of change, the lonely forms of genius change the conditions of life, we are the new generation of free thinkers.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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We Win Together
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