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Somewhere Beauty

We follow the principles of heart and logic, we are sometimes confused with the results, but it is a sign that we are learning new lessons in life. Each movement is written on a cosmic atomic table, we are sand with a soul that is part of the creator.


All emotions pass through the veins of intuitive imagination, we create love in places of magical feelings. You left a message in a hidden place of memory, every moment spent with you is very big, especially, awesome and magnificently sweet.

Thought and dreams, ideas and desires are confused with ambitions and visions. Something we miss at any moment, happiness is the choice we make at every place and every moment of our life. We choose the direction of the winner and again never go perfectly on the way to the top.

Powerful winds change the face of justice to the marvellous challenges of destiny, you are a gentle branch where the magnificent thoughts are born. In beautiful landscapes of nature we draw your face, your wisdom is the sweet secret of our heart.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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We Win Together
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