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On the Shores of Dreams

We follow the principles of heart and logic, we are sometimes confused with the results, but it is a sign that we are learning new lessons of life. Each movement is written on a cosmic atomic table, we are a sand with a soul that is part of the creator.


Naked truth and a smile of angels light on the sources of pure consciousness, omitting emotions and beautiful bodies in front of the pure intentions of the universal energy. Find the right reasons for love and happiness, and open new roads on the walls of the past.

Forget lies and rules, make your success folder with all your wishes and ambitions. The prognosis of your destiny depends solely on your personal decision, make room for new knowledge, and opening the paths of intuition. We can do everything with faith in ourselves, and make a choice for a beautiful life.

On the wall I see movable graffiti, your body is the source of pleasure for passers-by. Gambling love is risky and brave, I give everything I have because I want to conquer the lady of my heart. Experience requires delicacy, story and a good time, you are the perfect partner for love games.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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