Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Kombucha Extract

Kombucha Extract is 100% natural food supplement that provides essential elements required for optimal liver function, maintained detoxification pathways and clean blood. It is manufactured from Kombucha tea, fermented probiotic drink made from green or black tea, which has been used as a traditional remedy to boost detoxification and overall health in the Far East for centuries. Kombucha extract has very distinctive nutritional content - traces of specific minerals (Mg, Ca, K, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Ni and Co), vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C) and unique combination of organic acids such as acetic, lactic, gluconic and predominately glucuronic acid, many of which have up to 100 times greater concentration compared with the Kombucha fermented drink! Kombucha extract is one of the best and most concentrated natural sources of the glucuronic acid, which plays key role in the liver detoxification processes.

Glucuronic acid, a product of liver is a vital element that enables the processes of glucuronidation - critical biochemical reactions that largely constitute the phase II of liver detoxification pathways. Glucuronic acids have the capacity to bind toxins, converting them into water-soluble molecules which are then easily and efficiently excreted in the bile flow, through the intestines out of the body. The processes of glucuronidation, enabled by the glucuronic acid allow the human body to efficiently eliminate 3 types of toxins:

  • food and environment toxins such as food additives (preservatives, artificial aromas, artificial colours, taste enhancers, stabilizers, etc.), pesticides, industrial chemicals, water toxins and heavy metal residues;
  • pharmaceuticals (various chemicals from antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and other medications used for control and treatment of chronic conditions) which must be metabolized by the liver. Insufficient metabolization/degradation of these chemicals by the liver may create serious toxicity and negatively impact human health;
  • excess hormones and metabolic waste product such as bilirubin and other protein metabolites. When these metabolic products are not efficiently metabolized by the liver they create hormonal misbalances, disturbed blood flow of cardiovascular health.

Further to these optimal levels of glucuronic acid support clearing of toxins and protein waste (fibrin and other protein strings) from the blood flow thus present a significant factor in the prevention of blood cloths. More importantly, scientific studies have confirmed the glucuronic acid’s ability not just to clean up oxidized cholesterol particles from the bloodstream, but also to directly clear out cholesterol plaque deposits from the arterial walls, thus effectively regulating blood lipid levels and providing prevention from atherosclerosis, which in turn is a significant factor in the prevention of heart infarction and brain stroke. Further to this, studies have confirmed that glucuronic acid stops the proliferation of cancer cells and prevents cancer cells and malignant tissue growth. It has also been confirmed that it metabolizes free radicals (ROS - reactive oxygen spices) therefore it prevents or reduces oxidative stress to calls and tissues which leads to inflammation or development of abnormal cellular metabolism. More studies also show he glucuronic acid contribution to increased oxygen delivery and improved haemoglobin levels, improved kidney function and kidney stones prevention, it also exudes antimicrobial activity and helps kills pathogen bacteria, etc.


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17.09.2019 16:17

Nice product my friend ! How’s sales coming along ?

17.09.2019 20:24

In the Balkans, it is sold as the No. 1 product in teleshopping and pharmacies. In Europe, we start with a sales system and you can look at Http: . Honestly now we're working on a payment gate, after that I want to approve a payment in Steem and of course give some privileges to Steemians.

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That is great to hear ! I actually talked to my brother just recently and he mentioned Kombucha as a very good supplement with amazing benefits, some of which are just being brought to the surface. Great timing with the launch of this product.

I’m good here in Sweden thanks. Just entering fall now so it’s getting cold quickly, but it’s also a bit cozy :)

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If you have an interest and potential to sell Kombucha Extract feel free to contact me and your brother.

And it's getting cold here, summer is over.

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