Waves of tenderness

Fresh winds change the direction of the mind on the wires of icy fire, we show heavenly fruits in the drink of life as we pass by the mysterious events. Lean on your intuition because you are going through the superficial changes of consciousness, defeating yourself in the field of morality.


The story opens the emotional reality through the speech of physical magic, the sense of passion attracts an embrace in the clouds of perfect energy. The gates of time salute the virtue of the honeymoon, open the secrets of the heart in the desert oasis of love.

With Thoughts we move the stars in the planetary horoscope system, the personality grows on the knowledge tree under controlled conditions of habits. We program personality on the codes of the past, turn in the time of the dreams that come for you.

Luminous colours dominate the imagination of winning enthusiasm in the juices of life truth, change the wave at the frequencies of the audience and achieve a successful career. Get rid of sin on the altar of love, the wisdom of emotional growth shows the virtue of success.


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