Emotional Prison

We open luck with the secrets of knowledge and the virtues of love wisdom, we made some changes in the rules of the game on fire and rain. We are related to the emotions of others, our responsibility and habits become the qualities that keep us in the same place.


In everything you do, find a sense because your life is unique, you are the thought that lives in the body with the energies of cosmic food. Respect the principles and your rules of goodness and honour with which you reach all goals, give a smile on the edge of passion and feel the virtue of success.

Familiar faces and unknown combinations of expectations always bring new scenes of life ambition, we are happy with small things and great accomplishments. A smile is a reason that moves us to better places, we know peace and quiet in the meditation of natural energies.

Freedom and creation come to the fresh ideas of knowledge and imagination, gives gifts of consciousness and wisdom with a sense of justice. We measure the miles of love enthusiasm and progressive emotions with the amount of good life, make a choice between the best and the best and go your way.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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Original post by @dobartim
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