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Your World

We opened the gates of love at the crossroads of the worlds, you are a lady with spring manners and the beauty of a goddess. Take away the chains of the material illusion and lead us through the powerful energies of tenderness and pure energy.


I dream of your eyes, your touch covers every emotion of passion and love with an oasis of enjoyment. The song from the rest of the soft melodies reaches the crescendo with peace in the heart, the waves show your beautiful body with the brilliance of sunny art.

The beginning of something artificial with the taste of nature, the mysticism of virtual reality and the emotional content of consciousness. Something goes through thoughts like a silk joke, the huge start of each word shows the hot valleys of the incredible horizon.

The emotional functions require the flow of profitable relations with friends and partners, this moment is a challenging destiny that needs to change with a fragrant taste. Proved happiness sleeps on the love tree of self-realization, we have discovered eternal principles with the blessings of the creator.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
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We Win Together
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