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After All

Superior loneliness seeks the following partnership love, I order you to open your heart because I send you sincere words, thoughts and emotions. Feel poisons of passion in the veins of a common destiny, you are the light in the dark moments that gives the strength of the fire mission of love.


Fire burns with the flame of eternity, your eyes shine in places of miraculous joy and sorrow. Turn kisses in the places of our happiness, and start your tenderness with the details of magical touch and the magnificent emotions of an open love game.

We give profits to our clients, we talk fairy tales as we put money in our pockets. It's all good if there's money, without it, we become just a bunch of dust, nothing. There is no truth without a pure heart, every thought is the energy that is re-recognized through intuition filters.

We dance through the basic rules of the game with a sense of risky passion, your offer gives the power to my consciousness that pervades the series of infinite emotions. We are the winners in the dance of love exotic, we have created a legend from every movement.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

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