Steem Proposals UI now supports Steemit Testnet SPS system

Steem Proposals UI is live on Testnet.png

Spent quite some time figuring out how to use SPS testnet by @blocktrades, then figured out that it's better to switch directly to Steemit testnet. Hopefully everything went smoothly, so now you can see an updated with fresh testnet proposals submitted by mostly Steem WItnesses.

To spice things up I added a neat feature that allows to switch between Active, Inactive, Votable and Expired proposals. Each type has its own color that helps to differentiate between different proposals categories. Here's a quick demo on how it looks like:

I also decorated refunding proposals so that you can know which one you should be on top of.

Thanks @gtg, @emrebeyler and @cervantes for the first proposals on Steemit testnet, and @andrarchy, @llfarms and @justinw for helping me to reach out the Steemit dev team. If anybody has a chance to add more proposals to the testnet, don't hesitate. Together we'll be able to test it out on its full capacity, since that is what Steemit Inc wants us to do.

So far I encountered the following challenges. I'm not sure on which side this problem is currently present but I still think I'll mention it here:

  • When I query proposals, it shows me only the first 3 items, even though there are 8 of them. That is quite weird and it can happen due to axios and vuex issue but who knows? I'm still working on it.
  • I temporarily removed workers page because it's interconnected with the previous issue. As soon as I solve it, I'll get it back.

You can still look through the proposals of a specific worker by clicking on its username or an image icon.

Chances are I will be offline during this weekend cause I'm moving to Vietnam but if you have any questions, let me know. You can reach me out on discord at dmitrydao#1568.

If you like what I do, make sure to vote for my witness
(via steemit or steemconnect).

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12.07.2019 15:52

Nice job! Thanks!!

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12.07.2019 16:34

This is great, Dmitry! Steemit is definitely in need of a more friendly user experience and user interface.

12.07.2019 17:16

Appreciate your words.

12.07.2019 21:51

Great job on this, we need more people doing these kinds of things, you should consider becoming a witness (you'd have my vote).

12.07.2019 20:23

Thanks. Actually I'm already a witness - dmitrydao :)

12.07.2019 21:49

Just got my vote =)

12.07.2019 21:51

Cool, thanks.

12.07.2019 22:33

Good news ! Thanks for sharing with us! And awesome job 👏

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13.07.2019 15:02

That's Amazing!

13.07.2019 06:10

13.07.2019 16:02

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I upvoted your contribution and I put it on the list because to my mind your post is what I call a quality content!
I am @miti, a manual curator that shall make available all his Steem Power to authors deserving of support. Let's make STEEM great again!
Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

13.07.2019 20:04

Hey and it's high time that I replied to this.

I really want to create a proposal of my own.
And I tried it, but couldn't.
I got this screenshot to show what happened next.

Can I create a new proposal with a computer then?
I am always using my smartphone to be here. I'm writing stuff and viewing the steemit platform with my Huawei P9.


14.07.2019 06:33

At the moment you can only create proposals through a CLI wallet so you might need to set up a testnet for that. It's mostly for developers and witnesses.

14.07.2019 12:46

I have an idea for a new Steemit website.
This community could do something to help our planet.

I'm not a witness or have not developed any applications.
But I still would like to make my proposals.

I have been studying programming skills on my own and I got plenty of ideas about applications.

And the community wants to attract new people inside.
Wouldn't it be good to allow willing people to give proposals?

And talking about the planet, I give you a taste of Finland's green forests on a picture.
I'm taking a stroll through the forest

14.07.2019 13:24

You'll have your chance to create proposals. We have to go through HF21 first.

15.07.2019 01:15

Okay, that's great news.
We need to get through the hr21 first, what do you mean by that?

I will need to check out the hr21 first...?

15.07.2019 08:42


15.07.2019 08:43

And hf21 means this.
It is a group of 21 witnesses and hf stands for hard fork.

If I understood correctly, it's the situation where a change, the hard fork, is made to the original code in block chain.

15.07.2019 08:52

Yeah. You might think of hard forks like an update in a software product, that's it. Witnesses do need to approve it in order to make it live.

15.07.2019 10:35

Hey, I wrote this article tonight.

I'm asking you if you would like to play a game with me?
Read about it here.

15.07.2019 20:04

I already checked how it works and found it's very detailed type UI. We can see information in-detail there and that's cool! Go on, price wise we (STEEM) little dropped, but I think the community wise or DAPP development wise we are still rich and we need this to cater all upcoming developments from one phase!


14.07.2019 07:37

I'm planning on adding even more features in the future so this is a quick start.

14.07.2019 12:47