Downvote suggestions by Whatsup

Hey Everyone,

My name is dmacs and I belong to @whatsup I am going to be posting a list of suggested downvotes for those of you who want to use your free votes, but do not wish to look for content to DV.

@whatsup decided to do it here, so that the post didn't get autovotes and instead is only supported by those who appreciate the suggestions.

Pretty much the same behavior with this account only they post more often. Perhaps the same owner

image.png (bots on the 6th day, scroll a bit. (Marky added this one to the blacklist)


If that's not enough contact @whatsup she will give you suggestions.

Also, you can go to any bot in the steembidbot tracker, click on nearly any of the bots, go to details and look at the bids. There are so many of them it is depressing.

Remember I don't hate the bots, I dislike how blind upvotes without any question.

@whatsup via dmacs

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Interesting suggestions. I might stop by soon.

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04.09.2019 22:25

I love me some dmacs!

04.09.2019 22:51

dmacs: strong team, cool CTO, big marketing crew, I´m in!



05.09.2019 04:29

Can i have a dmac deluxe? Seriously though like the idea. Im following.

05.09.2019 01:01

My name is dmacs and I belong to @whatsup...

I upvoted you a bit because that's the strangest intro I've ever seen...

05.09.2019 02:21

Thanks, I wanted to be transparent. :)

05.09.2019 02:34

your account belongs to whatsup

I thought you were like a sex slave or something........

05.09.2019 02:51


05.09.2019 06:51

Same! I thought it was a bit weird like that too, but then I thought "hmm probably not, whatsup doesn't seem like that sort of person idk lol"

05.09.2019 11:05

I nearly spat my coffee out when I read this

05.09.2019 12:37

That was my impression too.

07.09.2019 12:31

LOL! If your spouse or partner ever introduces herself or himself like that, run!

05.09.2019 05:37

@dmacs / @whatsup,
Probably it's the same user who posted in different accounts! Honestly I am not going after them with my tiny upvote power!


05.09.2019 02:54

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05.09.2019 05:58

How does one become successfully trended? Are you wearing the current fashion items of the time perhaps?

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05.09.2019 10:31

No one:

Literally no one:

Whatsup; 'No scam in the #newsteem'

Her dmacs: 'Say no more!'

05.09.2019 05:00

I used for the first time my free downvote on @akkasa741. Such a shame to see how a really bad content can be promoted...

05.09.2019 05:02

Well I burned my downvotes for today pretty quickly thanks for the picks! Still plenty more scope for DVs on these accounts come on people it’s free let’s get cracking

05.09.2019 05:44

If only my downvote was worth more than 0.001 cents :P

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05.09.2019 10:31

I am unclear how botting is still profitable for these farming accounts or anyone? One would need more than a 2x return on bid bot in order to make a profit. For example, if I purchased an upvote from a bid bot for $1, and receive a $1.60 upvote. My author reward will only be $0.80 which equals -$0.20 on my investment.

05.09.2019 15:57

Does their posts have some effort into them? If they're not plagiarized I don't think I'll be downvoting.

But a great initiavive @whatsup!
05.09.2019 17:23

This one is the same but with larger rewards - @maykolcontreras

07.09.2019 12:37

Thank you for these lists, they serve me well...

17.09.2019 16:04