Weekly Sponsor Report #56

Hello Steemians!

Here is weekly DLIKE report for 56th week

New Category and Tag pages added

As a part of further development, now dlike has category and tags pages available which will help to find specific posts or older posts in any category or specific tag

DLIKE Trending Tags Added

DLIKE now have trending tags section on home page to see which are the most used tags by users on DLIKE

DLIKE Reward Pool

After successful testing, DLIKE reward pool is fully active and is distributing 7000 DLIKE tokens among PRO users on the basis of the activities on their posts, like comments, views, likes, upvotes and posts by referral users.

Dlike Payout For Delegations

Weekly payout of DLIKE tokens, STEEM and SBD for 56th week has been paid to all delegators. Thanks to all the sponsors who believe in DLIKE project.

Promote Dlike - Get Free Dlike Tokens

Dlike is offering 2k to 3k Tokens per promotion articles on different crypto related sites including medium. If you are associated with any of the top crypto related websites then get in touch with us to write about dlike and get dlike tokens.

We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

 @supergiant | @shellyduncan | @m18207319997 | @daumantas | @steemyoda | @onetin84 | @dlike for all future updates!

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