DLIKE Weekly Report #79 - DLIKER Token Details

Hello Steemians!

Here is weekly update for dlike

Hive-116221 As Dlike Community

DLIKE as a community feature implemented successfully. Now users can post in DLIKE community using hive-116221 as main tag. We will announce a generous DLIKER token give away to all subscribers of DLIKE community in couple of days along with bonus to post from DLIKE.

To subscribe to DLIKE community check community page --> https://goldvoice.club/steem/@freedom">@freedom | @devann | @vimukthi | @tfame3865 | @lukestokes | @mtimetraveller| @dlike for all future updates!

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02.03.2020 14:20

@dlike, Congratulations for creating the Hive Community team. Hope that this Community will receive effective adoption. Stay blessed.

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07.03.2020 13:50