DLIKE DEX Updates - 0.25% Fees - One Click Rewards Claim

Hello Steemians!

As per our announcement of DLIEK DEX last week, here are updates for DEX.

0.25% Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Holding to our commitment to provide an easy to use interface to trade steem engine tokens, we have updated depost and withdrawal features on DLIKE Dex. Now you can deposit STEEM and Withdraw STEEMP(STEEM) at a very small fee of 0.25%. On steem engine this fee was 1% so we have tried our best to ensure improvement. Initially there are some limits on maximum withdrawals as larger withdrawals will be processed manually.
Deposit and withdrawals can also be made directly by sending to @dlikedex account as it will be the main account dealing with all deposits and withdrawals on DLIKE Dex.


One Click Rewards Claim Option

We have added a feature to claim all pending tokens with on click. You can check this new added button on your wallet page of DLIKE dex

Upcoming Features

Richlist and Explorer

In next update we will add SE explorer feature with sort-able rich list of all tokens.

Candle Graphs

We will be adding candle graphs for all trading pairs on DLIKE Dex to make reading of market easy for users.

Suggestions and Feedback

We will love to have your suggestions to improve dex further more and make it user friendly.

 @devann | @vimukthi | @steemshiro | @bitshares101 | @dlike

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Comments 28


27.04.2020 16:08

You guys are really amazing! Thanks for your great work and dedication :)

27.04.2020 23:49


28.04.2020 05:29

Great improvement. Nice job.

28.04.2020 02:09


28.04.2020 05:31

Now you can deposit STEEM and Withdraw STEEMP(STEEM) at a very small fee of 0.25%.

This is extremely important as I sent basically all of my STEEM as well as a small power down of my SP into STEEM-Engine to trade. Thanks for coming up with this. Proud to be a supporter of the project.

28.04.2020 05:27

Always proud of your support for DLIKE

28.04.2020 05:31

Glad to be a supporter of this project. I have been delegating to dlike for a loooooong time now.

Happy to see improvements.

28.04.2020 11:15

Thanks for your confidence in DLIKE

28.04.2020 13:10

i dont understand - If you are already using keychain why do you want to deposit and withdrwal - cant you simply use the steem in our wallet --- after then only it can be called a true DEX - else its not dex i believe

28.04.2020 12:14

Its basically a layer of STEEM ENGINE, where tokens are traded against pegged token of STEEM.
Once you deposit, your STEEMP(pegged token) gets deposited into your own account controlled by your own keys, which you can access from any interface like steem engine, dlike dex etc and can withdraw which means convert back to STEEM! SO basically its conversion from simple steem to trade-able steem pegged token and fees are charged for conversion and your funds always remain under your keys!

28.04.2020 13:14

but there are fees

28.04.2020 13:53

I want to transfer my tokens to my tribe wallet and I can't, because the amount is only in Dlike Dex Wallet. How to solve that?

28.04.2020 17:56

Which tokens, steem or tribe tokens, if tribe tokens, then you have send option in your wallet same as in steem engine and if having issue with steem deposits or withdrawal please feel free to get on dlike discord for support.

28.04.2020 18:15

I can't transfer Lassecash tokens to another user. The balance don't appear in the tribe wallet, but only in the Dlike Dex.

28.04.2020 18:19

If tokens showing in wallet of receiver on dex then it means send function working properly. There may be some issue on tribe end!

28.04.2020 20:04

That's actually great.

28.04.2020 19:28

Who would trust your shit dex when you are stealing tokens from users? You can't even spell your own name lol.

29.04.2020 00:48

welp I cant withdraw each time I withdraw I got refund

04.05.2020 07:27

Hello, thanks for this nice dapp. could you develop it for iOS and IPad OS? I usually do steem with ipad, but unfortunately I cannot use this with my apple devices.

10.05.2020 13:20


It appears that the swap system is currently down.Check the system.

20.05.2020 08:59

Issue resolved!

20.05.2020 12:34

I checked it. Looking forward to good service in the future thank you.

20.05.2020 13:20


I sent 900 steemp yesterday. But I haven't received it as a steem yet. Please check.

20.05.2020 11:24

Issue taken, will be resolved shortly.
Always feel free to get in touch with us on discord in such cases for faster reply!

20.05.2020 12:35