DLIKE Announcement - Convert DLIKE tokens to DLIKER

Hello Steemians!

As a major development, we are announcing the conversion of DLIKE tokens to DLIKER. Please make sure to act accordingly so you may not lose your DLIKE tokens as after the given time period dlike will not be responsible for any loss of token.

Why Conversion?

As per our previous announcements, DLIKE token was supposed to be on SMTs but due to recent developments on steem SMTs have got delayed a lot and now to materialize the value of DLIKE tokens earned by our proud community members, we have decided to move DLIKE tokens into DLIKER. We humbly pardon all the delay happened but its time to move on so users can materialize the value of their earned DLIKE tokens. Till now total number of DLIKE tokens earned by our users are 92,915,110.

For this all staked tokens have also been released as there will be no more DLIKE tokens staking as well.

How to convert?

To convert your DLIKE tokens visit


We are also converting all ETH ERC20 based DLIKE tokens to DLIKER as we will burn out this ERC20 token, so make sure to convert all of your ETH based tokens as well.

Conversion Time Frame

Starting from today, this conversion will remain valid till Sunday 12th of July GMT 12:00 PM, so please make sure to convert all your tokens before this given time as after this time, DLIKE will not be responsible for any of the tokens lost. To ensure price stability and avoid any dump attempt, all the conversion requests will be processed at once after this date so we will burn out all the un-claimed tokens after this date.

For any support regarding token conversion, please contact us on discord

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Comments 15

Seems like a really short notice.

06.07.2020 14:09

very short and even little time to think about it

06.07.2020 15:30

Thank you for sharing the useful information to us

06.07.2020 15:32

You are only giving users 6 days to convert their tokens. I don't think this is the way to do it. It should be at least a month or maybe even two.

What will be done with the tokens that aren't transferred?
And what will be the ratio of conversion?

06.07.2020 16:22

Ratio is 1:1 and time frame is enough as its not a long process, just fill the form and you are done, not more than few seconds!

All the un-claimed will be burnt as there will be no more ERC-20 or on chain token.

06.07.2020 17:03

The time frame is enough if people get to know about it.
I checked trending page after a gap of 10-15 days. What about the people who are not on discord and don't check trending often.
People usually keep longer time frame so that everyone gets to know that this is happening.

06.07.2020 18:27

Where do I look to see my converted tokens? Steem Engine?

07.07.2020 04:07

For testing i tried to convert dlike token to dliker but worried about here no message no history record shown but balance was reduce.
what can i do all put order whole token. please @dlike confirmed me

convertion period should be expande, this is my personal opinion

06.07.2020 22:46

Dear @dlike,
for you kind consideration:
I already placed order total dlike token 66650 +66(testing purpose)
Here is an screenshot before submit:


06.07.2020 23:04

Thanks for the update. I have done.

07.07.2020 02:02

I just input the amount and click submit? I did that and now no balance remains in my dlike wallet? Is it supposed to work that way?

07.07.2020 09:52

Yes, its fine as conversion will process after Sunday.

07.07.2020 16:42

Please am new here can someone explain to me explicitly how Steem works and I need followers please

09.07.2020 20:42

Wow! Almost missed this announcement. I've converted my 162K tokens. How was the tokens that didn't finish the staking period got handled?

10.07.2020 09:51