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DLIKER – Proof of Stake Started – DLIKEM – Sale Extended With Delegation Rewards

Hello Steemians!

Here are updates on DLIKER and DLIKEM token

  • Proof of stake has been started on DLIKER token with 15% of reward pool and 100 winners every hour.
  • After 15% proof of stake, proof of brain will decrease to 60% while mining will remain at 25%
  • We have announced delegations for all miners who have staked more than 30 tokens. You will get 50 times delegations on your staked tokens and this will be long term. For this we have already delegated 100,000+ DLIKER delegation to our top DLIKEM staking user @bwar.
  • Every DLIKEM miner will get liquid airdrop of DLIKER tokens with a ratio of 1:4 tokens while top 5 will get 1:8 tokens, 2 days after sale ends.
  • For this DLIKEM sale period has been extended for 3 days till 27th of September
  • DLIKER – Proof of Stake

    With this opportunity of extra earnings by staking, we will be rewarding all users who stake DLIKER tokens with airdrop of tokens according to their stakes. In addition to this DLIKE tokens rewards will also be distributed for top staking users.

    Every hour 100 winners get rewarded for staking.

    h3>DLIKEM – Delegation and Liquid Rewards

    We have seen overwhelming response from community to DLIKE miner tokens (DLIKEM). Till now 15000+ DLIKEM tokens have been sold and there is still opportunity for users to become part of this passive earning option by buying at low prices.

    Thanks to All miners for showing their confidence on DLIKE project

    To make miner investment more fruitful for users, delegations and liquid token reward has been announced. In addition, every week top 21 users are rewarded with DLIKE token, equal to their staked mine tokens.

    DLIKERR – Proof of Brain

    As we added 15% proof of stake to reward pool, now proof of brain will be 60% of reward pool.

  • Upvotes are not allowed on posts older than 3 days.
  • 50% of reward for both authors and curators are liquid and 50% is staked
  • un-staking period is 9 weeks
  • Payment window is 7 days
  • Users violating terms of use will be muted without any notification

    DLIKER – Delegation is Enabled

    Now users can delegate DLIKER tokens to each other or to their alt accounts.

    DLIKER Upvotes From DLIKE Will start on 1st October

    We will be starting to upvote posts on from main DLIKE account on 1st October.

    PRO users status DLIKER vo voter list added

    PRO user status is now visible on all posts of PRO users. Another development is addition of voters list of DLIKER tokens. Simply hover over pending amount of DLIKER tokens on any post, popover will show the list of voters of that post.

    Upcoming developments

    Few of the main updates on which development team is working right now are

  • Plagiarism check tool on submission of posts to ensure no copy pasted description come
  • DLIKER balance, stake, delegation and claim reward options inside wallet
  • Downvote button on each post so users can use it to maintain quality on platform
  • DLIKE Indonesian Community Curation Added

    As a part of our commitment to develop communities, we are adding community based curation. In this regard first community which became reality is Indonesian under well known community member @bahagia-arbi

    Curators Applications Invited

    We are looking for curators of following communities.

    Spanish, Indian, Korean, Philippines and Nigerian.

    In addition to these communities, curators for categories are also invited to work with us for food, cryptocurrency, technology and gaming.

    To become a curator, you must be a well renowned member among your community and must be able to work among your community to promote use of dlike and ensure quality content sharing. Community members get rewarded with DLIKER upvotes from community curator account as well.

    DLIKER - A new era for DLIKE community!

    We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

     @supergiant | @shellyduncan | @m18207319997 | @daumantas | @lukestokes | @dlike for all future updates!

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