A decision - step by step

The decision.jpg

Here is the step-by-step of this landscape of Arkin.
This time, the pencil sketch is not really a big challenge, it's almost all about the colors, and the diversity of greens you find into such landscapes. I wanted also to catch this yellow light of a sun low on the horizon.
This kind of coloring is so nice to do - because you can experiment some color mixtures and try with red, purple, blue, whatever, and find how it reacts with colors already on the paper. A little bit like a chemist workshop !

Decision 1.jpg




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Beautiful work on this landscape scene. Thanks for sharing!

11.08.2019 14:56

Thank you !

11.08.2019 15:30

Great work and it is great to see your process. Have you checked our creativecoin yet , you should start using the tag to get more eyes on your work and hopefully a few extra tokens.

11.08.2019 17:35

Thanks :)

17.08.2019 14:13

Gorgeous piece, @djacbaweur ! Really lovely to see the design of this land, with the fields receding slowly into a narrow path between the mountains...I like how you use the browns and reds in this one, very delicate and yet they create a definite afternoon sun feel... the subtle shadows cast by the trees, being long on the ground, is also a lovely detail that evoke a very illustrative feeling from this picture !!! :D

12.08.2019 03:44

Thank you to notice all these details, you always are a subtle analyst ! ^^

17.08.2019 14:13

This is awesome! Really has classic fantasy book illustration feel. I second @ammonite's suggestion, please use the #creativecoin tag on your art / creative posts :) I have a decently large stake of CCC so my vote is worth a lot more if you use that tag, and I think in general your posting would go over very well. Creative people are your people :) You don't have to do anything except add the tag to earn a second crypto (and honestly might as well add #palnet tag to every post you tag #creativecoin because there is a pretty good overlap between users that stake creative coin and users that stake PAL). Let me know if you have any questions - cheers

12.08.2019 05:15

I will think of that, thank you very much

17.08.2019 14:12

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12.08.2019 05:28