Yesss! DIYTUBE is now curating on the DTUBE blockchain as well!

Hey friends of DIY content!

We got it! From today on we are not just voting for your content on the steem blockchain anymore. We are also tagging and voting on the Avalon blockchain.

Feel free to tag your video with "diytube" so we will receive a notification!

Feel free to delegate to our service and receive a 100% payback of ALL rewards related to your delegation.

Feel free to contact us in the @innerblocks discord:

Or just write me on discord: tibfox_Norman#5331

Thanks to all delegators, curators and you for your support!

Our main goal is to appreciate the work of creators for their unique educational and inspirational content. We already have sent a little thank you via upvotes to all of the below-mentioned creators and we hope to see much more content of you all in the future!

We are deeply thankful in the name of all creators for the big help of our supporters, the curation team members and our delegators!

Thank you for delegating and supporting our service:

- @tibfox with 503.385 SP (8.65%)
- @sodom with 1200.602 SP (20.64%)
- @vincy with 25.016 SP (0.43%)
- @freedompoint with 1007.545 SP (17.32%)
- @makinstuff with 100.69 SP (1.73%)
- @dylanhobalart with 302.29 SP (5.2%)
- @ivansnz with 100.657 SP (1.73%)
- @anttn with 100.616 SP (1.73%)
- @quochuy with 50.301 SP (0.86%)
- @madushanka with 100.286 SP (1.72%)
- @roger.remix with 1203.058 SP (20.68%)
- @cryptospa with 51.136 SP (0.88%)
- @hafizullah with 50.108 SP (0.86%)
- @paradigmprospect with 300.731 SP (5.17%)
- @mariannewest with 20.051 SP (0.34%)
- @roger5120 with 200.472 SP (3.45%)
- @fnux with 100.221 SP (1.72%)
- @priyanarc with 25.042 SP (0.43%)
- @blind-spot with 50.081 SP (0.86%)
- with 250.365 SP (4.3%)
- @thekitchenfairy with 50.04 SP (0.86%)
- @hmetu with 25.008 SP (0.43%)

We are based on a bot script but driven by human decisions. Thank you to our curation team:

@jozef230 @kaerpediem @makinstuff @blind-spot @sodom @emsonic @priyanarc @tibfox @roger.remix @enjoycompany

This is service is absolutely non-profit

100% of all rewards (curation/author) are going directly back to the delegators via weekly payouts! SP is payed out in STEEM!

If you like our service feel free to:

- follow our channel @diytube
- upvote and resteem this post
- delegate to @diytube (25SP 50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP 1000SP)
- tell others about our channel & service

This service is part of @theinnerblocks
Join our discord to get in touch with us:

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thanks alot for all of the curation, I delegated a few hundred SP for the great project.

17.07.2019 12:31