[TUTORIAL] Partiko - enjoy Steemit on your samrtphone

Hello everyone, today I want to introduce you to the app Partiko. 

What is Partiko?

With Partiko you can enjoy Steemit on your smartphone. 

The start page

On the start page you find 3 register:


Here are the posts of your follower. 


Here you can discover posts.


Here are saved your favourite posts. 


There a 3 registers as well:

Shows you the most trending posts.


Shows you new posts.


Shows you posts with many upvotes but too little for trending.

If you want to browse a category, you have to click up left in the corner on “all” and you can choose which category you want to browse.


Shows you your chats.


Here you find the first benefit from Partiko. Receive points for daily check in, votes, comments and posts. You even can earn points for watching a video. With these points you can promote your posts. When you are making a post, choose an amount of points and get an upvote from Partiko. It depends on how many points you choose, the higher is the upvote. If you are lucky, then you will receive another upvote from @partiko-promoter, a second benefit.

Also here you find 3 registers:

My Points

Shows you your points. Click here on “Check in” to receive your daily login points.


Shows you, how often you can make an upvote with the Partiko-points.

Shows you who has the most Partiko-points.


Here you find your notifications if someone upvotes your posts, comments on your post, mention you, or transferred your some SBD or Steem.

Here you find 4 registers:


Shows you all notifications.


Shows you when you get mentioned in a post.


Shows you when someone has commented on your post.


Shows you who and how much transferred you Steem or SBD.

The pink pencil

To make a new post, click on the pink pencil down right in the corner.

The magnifying glass

The magnifying glass in the right upper corner is for searching people or posts. Who has thought of that? :D

Your profile

With a click in the upper right corner you get to your profile. 

The pink circle around your profile picture

The pink circle around your profile picture shows you how many RC you have left. Under that you find your name, your location (if nothing is stated, there stands “unknown”) and the date when you joined Steemit.

Claim Reward
Click on “Claim Reward” to get your rewards for your posts.

Steem, Steem Power, Steem Dollar

It shows you your balance. If you click on it you will get again to the transfers and to the delegations. But the delegations are coming soon, so I can’t say much about it.

Partiko Points, Followers, Following

Here you see again your Partiko-points. And the amount of people who follows you and you are following. If you click on it, a message will appear. Click on “Followers” to see your Follower or click on “Following” to see who you are following.


At the end it shows you your posts.


To get to the settings click on your profile and then in the upper right corner on the gear.  Here you can switch on/off the notifications, mask/show NSFW content, sending a feedback or logout.

In my opinion it’s a great app for Steemit. 

What are you waiting for? Download Partiko now!

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