[TUTORIAL] Earn Bitcoin Cash for FREE using this App

Hello everyone,
today i will show you how you can earn free Bitcoin Cash.

What you need

Let's go
Install the app and open it. Click on "Hourly Claim Available!". Here you find various amounts. When you click on "Spin Prizes", the wheel of fortune is spinning and stops at an amount. If you aren't happy with the amount you can spin a second time. When you want more spins you must watch a video, then you receive 3 more spins. Down right in the corner you can see how many spins you have left. You can watch a video every time. To receive the amount you must click on it an then click on "Continue".

There is also a bonus claim. You can redeem that as often as you like. But you must watch a video. The bonus claim looks a little different and the amounts aren't that high like the hourly claim.

You want to earn more?
No problem! With the AdGate Offer Wall and the OfferDaddy Offer Wall you can claim even more ;)

How to withdraw
The withdrawal is automatic every Tuesday, if you reach 10000 BCH Satoshi. Depending on the price of BCH and the amount of claims, you can withdraw every week.

I find the app great. It's easy and efficient. The only lack in my opinion is the sound. You can't turn it off unless you turn the sound off by your smartphone. I can only recommend the app.

I hope this little tutorial was useful :)
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