[DO IT YOURSELF] permanent tattoo

Hello everyone, today I will show you, how you can make a permanent tattoo by yourself. This should only be a little tutorial. I assume no liability, if injury, infection or something else happens!


What you need

  • cotton darners (needle)
  • string
  • drawing ink
  • tattoo pen or a black wood colour
  • eventually backing paper


The motive
I recommend making only a little tattoo, because it takes time and perhaps at the end it isn’t that beautiful as in a studio. But if you want, you can make a big one too.

The template
There are 3 different ways to bring your template on your skin:

  1. Buy a tattoo pen and draw it on your skin.
  2. Take a black wood colour and tip it in water. Then draw the template on your skin. Use a little pressure.
  3. Print the template mirrored. Put a backing paper on the mirrored template and trace it with a black wood colour or a pencil. Use as much pressure as you can. Then put the template with the painted side on your skin and with a wet cloth brush over. Make sure, that the cloth isn’t too wet.
    According to my experience the tattoo pen is a good way to go. But also the wood colour isn’t that bad. What’s really bad is the third method. When I tried it, I haven’t seen my template on the skin.

The needle
Any sewing needle is suitable as a needle. Preferably wrap a string around your needle, so the colour would be saved and you mustn’t tip it every time in the ink.
Always use a clean needle!


The colour
For the colour you can use every ink. But think, that ink isn’t meant for something like that. So it’s poison for your body! Who want to reduce the risk of an infection should use a black ink; it has fewer toxins than colourful ink. I’m using the ink number 17 from “Pelikan” and haven’t had a problem so far.


The sting
After you made your needle and have the template on your skin you can sting it. There are 2 different ways to do it:

  1. First preparting with the needle, than put the colour on the punctures. This has the advantage that the lines would be thinner and you haven’t to wrap the string around your needle.
  2. Tip the needle in ink and sting it in your skin.
    The best way is to sting it rough, that you can see what it should be, without the template. This is because you distribute the ink all over your skin and have to wash it off. But then you wash off your template too and you must draw it again and again and again… Then connect the dots and sting again and again and again until you are happy with the result.


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