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Curator Team Application [Steem Growth] by The7up!

Hello everyone!

After two successful months of the Community Curators Program, the Steemit team is now looking for continuance improvement with this initiative.

So, here we are… The7up!

We “The7up” is ready to take the challenge as curators for April and hopefully further for this newly added theme Steem Growth - Steem promotion, marketing, development, contests.

Did you know?

The number 7 was chosen for the Seven Wonders of World by the Greeks who believed that this number represent not only “perfection” but also “plenty”.

We The7up, seven wonders of Steemit, is willing and ready to take on the challenge for the month of April in they year 2022!


As individuals we are some freakishly experienced and dedicated Steemians who have been rocking this platform.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy these wonders with me.

The team leader of The7up

“A "contest hunter", that’s how most Steemians know me. I maintain the #contestalerts list to help Steemians who look to participate in contests. I then also act as a contest promoter.
I love to help those who are genuine, creative, and passionate.
I am truly excited to see how well we The7up can perform together as a team!”

“I started on Steemit in August 2016 and am still here 😃
I restarted SPUD4STEEM after the Hive/Steem spilt and have grown it since. I am also a country representative for New Zealand and I cannot wait to see content that is unique to this blockchain.
I love to curate others and to learn about different things happening globally.”

“My current activity on the Steemit platform is leading the community.
I founded "Community of Steem Entrepreneurs" and managing empowerment and charity activities on the STEEM KINDNESS PROGRAM (@steemkindness).
Some of the activities we have successfully carried out are the distributing of food packages for the elderly and the poor.”

“My presence on the Steemit platform is to share the uniqueness that no one else has done. My goal in joining The7up is to contribute significantly in curating content that is considered unique without plagiarism and fit for the various categories.
I have joined this platform under the Steem For Better Life community as a MOD, and the Team from the World Smile Project.”

“Hey, my name is Sheikh Ahsan Ali. On steemit I am known as Haidermehdi, country Representative of Pakistan. I am the Admin and Founder of Steemit Pakistan and Sell For Steem. Recently I led the Lifestyle curation team”

“My Name is Ngozi but on Steemit, I am known as @ngoenyi.
Since I have joined Steemit in July, 2020 I have been very active. I am the country representative for my country Nigeria making sure that the Nigerians are active in and on Steemit. I am also the African representative for the SteemWomensClub and Steemfoods communities. I am also a newcomer verifier, a MOD, a curator and I host various competitions. I am also the founder of the Steemkids Community which is very close to my heart.
My passion is people, to support, educate and enrich.”

“I am a wife and a mother, an honest and hardworking individual who is forever looking for great opportunities to further myself intellectually and at the same time serving my community.
Someone who is always friendly, helpful, supporting and willing to work independently in busy environments and also within a team setting”



@kiwiscanfly |


@harferri |

@klen.civil |

@haidermehdi |

@ngoenyi |

@patjewell |

Stats are collected on 27th Mar at 06:30 UTC

It is clear by the above figures that The7up is contributing to the Steemit platform and just what is needed to teach others.

  • 04 members are already in #club100
  • 03 are in #club75
  • All the members except @patjewell have over 70 reputations and hold respectable voting CSI

Now that brings me to @patjewell. Not only are we a team that wants to serve and add value to the Steemit platform but we also want to encourage and train therefor we have included a member who has never curated but who are dedicated and willing to learn, an additional add on to #learnwithsteem



This is a new theme, hence we would like to suggest a new hashtag to ensure quality curation. Our suggestion would be #steemgrowth.

Why do we suggest this new hashtag?

Now that our target is to curate the content which supports the subject line of “Steem Growth” we cannot see a hashtag such as #marketing being used as many posts under the marketing theme doesn’t relate at all to the Growth of Steemit.

Screen shot of #marketing posts

Furthermore, by using such general term as #marketing will probably waste the time and effort used by the curators finding actual content that has promotional or marketing material for Growth of Steemit.

What does The7up stand for?

steemgrowth | for any marketing, promotion or anything related to powerups and the likes

#contest | for contests
#learnwithsteem | for all tutorials that are aimed at educating fellow Steemians

How do we plan to delegate the workload for The7up?

  • We will delegate each member 24hrs to curate the tags we have selected
  • That particular member is responsible for the time window
  • The7up is a team effort. Members will therefore be assisted by two more members to cover the workload.
  • We wish to select at least 25 posts per day and upvote between 40 – 50% of the voting power. This will allow a maximum of posts being curated within 24hrs window period

Of importance, the voting power will always be maintained above 80% and will not be rested at 100% at any time.



The requirement to be selected for curation would be followed,

  1. Must follow club initiative ( #club5050, #club75 and #club100).
  2. The user must have above 5% of Voting CSI and not be above 5% self-votes.
  3. The post must have at least 300 words and should be properly presented. (Include captions for photographs, justify alignment etc.)
  4. The content must be Plagiarism free.
  5. The users must not use Bid-Bots or any vote purchasing services.

Only when these guidelines are full filled will we select a post for curation support!

These seven wonders are committed, dedicated and exciting to contribute to the growth of Steemit.

Thank you.

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