Gowok/Kupa Setup

gowok setup is ready to enjoy

Saleum eSteemians 😀

If you happened to read cici's post about this fruit then you knew what will she made with it. She didn't eat all half kilo fruits herself😂 and I don't like the tartness taste of the fruit too. So, She decided to make setup last night, right before we went to sleep.


she cut the fruit and get the seed out, boils the cinnamon and clove and add 100 grams sugar, stir it and then pour it to the fruits.

She said she doesn't need the hot taste..let the cinnamon and cloves make it spicy. She just put the jar lid but not tighten it so it will cool down by home temperature.


now we have something sweet and perfect for a hot dry season

The first snap above is the looks of the gowok setup after 12 hours and it does sweet and tasty😆 but no thanks.. I'm not a fans of setup too. It would be fine to eat one or two pieces, my wife loves it..I'd better let her enjoys it till the last drop.


Because I have enough Gowok in my life sonce I was a kid😂 while She just found and taste the fruit now for the first time in her life.

Anyway... I think she doesn't know that "Gowok" also means an ancient javanese tradition, not just a fruit name.

There is an old tradition in Javanese noble family, where a boy who is prepared to be a king or successor of a kingdom, when they're ready to enter the puberity age, he will be sent to an experienced adult woman to guide him on "sexual life experience" and that's call Gowok.

The tradition has long forgotten and unpracticed after Islam became the religion and that kinda tradition is prohibited. Now.. when we said Gowok, people will assume it as fruit, not the tradition.


our mirabilis jalapa or four o'clock flower

Drink the setup and enjoy the beauty of the flowers are things we're gonna do this afternoon.

Have a beautiful wednesday everyona 😉

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18.09.2019 10:18

Gowok, what an interesting word. I just learned something new, thanks.
Nice entry!

23.09.2019 20:45