Daily Pet Photography : Lemon and His Weed


Lemon and his favourite's root

Saleum eSteemians

As usual, everytime he saw my wife standing near the front gate, that gibger cat who succeeded to loose and throw away his third collars in 2 months, will acting up like crazy cat😂. He thought that my wife is looking for him and serves some weed roots. "No Rain, No Roots, Lemon!", I heard she talked to Lemon.

So, I went to the community park, few steps from our house and I found the weed at the side of the street in from of our neighbour house.


this is acalypha indica, we call it as daun kucing-kucingan, anting2, bayam kucing or cat's ginseng

Although many people considered this as weed, but it has some benefits, the leaf has similar nutrition with spinach, Kang Jawir, the Veggie Seller told me that someone who lives at the other block of our neighborhood uses the leaf to cure his asthm. All I know, whenever Lemon knews I have this in my arms, he became a crazy cat😁


he doesn't minds to stand on his back feet to reach for the roots

My wife took hundred photos of Lemon and his weed, somehow I think Lemon also pose for her too😂


or he probably needs her help to stop me playing with his weeds?

He keeps staring at the camera whenever he could😂


too bad that I couldn't attached any video if I use the eSteemapp😆

Lemon will spend about 15-30 minutes to enjoy his roots. He rolls over, sleeping on the leaves, hold the roots with his paws, scratches his fur with it... till he gets tired.


my wife found him sleeping in this position on the leaves😅

He will moves, sleep well in the living room on the floor mat and he has been sleeping in this position lately


wondering what's he dreams about

I wish that the rain soon falls, so we won't have to hunt for the weeds somewhere else. The weeds will grow when there's rain. I did grow some weeds for Lemon, but my wife gives it to Lemon before it has enough roots to chew just to spoils Lemon😯.

I can write everything about Lemon and My Wife everyday, because they're both amazing😀 but this will be the last post about Lemon and His weed

Thanks for Stopping By, I'll be away from steemit for a couple days and Enjoy your days☕

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I think he knew it.. I love to take his pictures and he knew that we enjoy the time on bullying him too😂 he knew it I will save him from you

05.10.2019 19:12

Exactly.. that what I said😁 but funny isn't it? Father couldn't hated Lemon, eventhough he messed up ladt night😂

07.10.2019 06:55

Hi @dipoabasch,

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07.10.2019 03:32

Thank you.. I'll do that soon... got trouble with slow connection again

07.10.2019 06:57

Good shots of Lemon :-)

09.10.2019 10:28

Thank you... Lemon is a bit too confidence whenever he saw my wife raise the phone on him😁

10.10.2019 09:55