BetTronLive Casino Platform: A Notable Innovation


People entered the Internet era with the increasing development of science and technology. Internet has made considerable progress in every domain and its convenience and high efficiency is gradually changing people's lives, such as e-learning in education, military information warfare and international business e-commerce.

As increasingly people see the profitability of online gambling, gaming sites are developing almost daily at the internet.the popularity of those sites has long gone thru the roof with the ever-present trap of the massive payout and the ease with which every person can access those online playing websites worldwide.

On BetTronLive platform users can access via a desktop version that can be opened for convenience and convenience on any PC, notebook, tablet, Windows or Android phone. BetTronLive offers advertisers several options, including a cost per mille per banner / time basis. Advertisers are getting access to a global player community. All advertising revenue will be transparently displayed to all users with 50% redistribution to all RAKE holders.

BetTronLive will commence with a few well-known games and then progressively amplify to encompass well-developed cube games, poker games, RNG games, game bookies, slot machines and even Bingo to attract morplayers.

Players s will have the option of viewing short video ads before playing live dealer games. They will be rewarded for watching such ads with RAKE tokens. This is a model that benefits all involved and grows the ecosystem, providing platform users with an additional source of revenue.

Players will have fun with action and games like:

  • The Power Pick Draw: For those who pre-register, BetTronLive is offering early adopters not only one but two chances to win a whopping 2,000,000 TRX for the first-place prize. At 3.5M in total prizes, this is the biggest TRX giveaway ever. You can pre-register 2 TRON address created via TronLink on the BetTron website before the official launch. IT’S FREE TO JOIN! Three random winners will be picked. Prizes will be issued directly into the winner’s wallet: 1st Place — 2,000,000 TRX, 2nd Place — 1,000,000 TRX, 3rd Place — 500,000 TRX.
  • FOMO Jackpot: BetTronLive will allocate 5% of all generated revenue from in-house games to be distributed directly into the FOMO Jackpot in real-time. The smart contract rules are set to a strict protocol of five minutes which is displayed in the FOMO Jackpot countdown. Once the timer hits zero, a player is chosen to win 60% of the FOMO pot.
  • Golden Hold: To further drive the value of the RAKE token up, BetTronLive will apply a Golden Hold for a period of 48 hours upon launch of the platform. The tokens that are mined after the launch of the BetTronLive platform will be time-locked for 48 hours, after which they will be released to the holders’ respective wallets so they can use them without restrictions. The Golden Hold will occur only once after the initial launch of the platform and end after 48 hours.
  • Double RAKE Mining: Early players who join the Power Pick Draw will be given a chance to double their RAKE mining for ONLY 48 hours after launch. After the 48 hours, regular RAKE mining will resume.
  • BetTronLive Bounty: 1,000,000 RAKE tokens (10M TRX) are up for grabs to bounty hunters. They can join all the social media campaigns or choose whichever one suits them. Find out how to compete for the bounty at:
  • BetTronLive Lambo Dice: A simple interface where players can set a bet value by scrolling or clicking on the middle of the Lambo Dashboard. Players can choose, for example, to roll under a certain number between 0 and 96. Once they click “ROLL THE DICE,” the algorithm will produce a random number between 0 and 96. If the number falls in the yellow portion of the dial, then the player wins and will be paid out. If the number falls in the orange-red portion of the dial, then the player will lose the amount of bet.

To furthurther drive the cost of the RAKE token, best 100,000,000 tokens could be minted, and this quantity will by no means be lerated.

To make ake certain the achievement of the platform and continuous growth of its consumer base, BetTronLive will introduce a community Payday Pot that is set to withdraw each week. There will also be a random launch occasionally, relying on the set of rules. this will provide RAKE token holders greater incentives to hold onto their tokens and consequently further drive the cost of thn.


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