Welcome the new one

Much of our life is forged by the actions we perform and that is why today I have begun a new habit which I want to use in order to reform myself, to become a new man. It is a great challenge because it implies persistence and discipline but with time it will work. I'm only going to do it for a month, and then I'll build another one. This month the challenge is to perceive everything from a loving point of view. I'll probably write about it all this month.
To leave the old, to cleanse, is necessary to receive the new and it is time for my life to take a turn for the better, both for me and for those I love. For a long time I have been hiding, today with love, I decide for a new life. I wish for you, who are reading this, all the best and that you can overcome that which binds you, delays you in your continuous evolutionary journey. May love be the protagonist of all story!

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Everything is tranformed

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