Steem Women Club Community Contest #9 | "DECLARE YOUR LOVE" || Love Multiplies As It Is Shared | By @dlioness


Hello to the wonderful people of Steem Women Club Community. I joined recently and I will say I'm amazed at the growth and strength of some great women I have come across. Stumbled on the challenge by @dlioness tagged "DECLARE YOUR LOVE" Love Multiplies As It Is Shared.

At times when things seem like it's never gonna fall into place, world crumbling in one's eyes and there's nothing to do to save it then you understand one's strength to wager through all odds and come out victorious beyond expectations.


Having to love someone with no restrictions, no doubts is one of the best feeling in the world, so here I am, declaring my love for my mother, my strong woman, the bond holding every pieces of our lives together irrespective of what life throws at her. Around 2019, we lost my dad, her partner, confidant, playmate, and best buddy, watching their love boom and flourish shaped me into being a loving partner that I am today, they act and talk each other mind without one having to tell the other what to say. It was admirable and worth emulating.

After her husband death, it broke her, I watched her almost become a shell of herself, nothing and no one could console her, but above all she ensured my siblings and I do not fall apart. For someone who doesn't have the very best relationship with my other siblings that is attributed to being an introvert, my mother kept pulling strings so we stay together, share each others pain and sacrifices.

My Favorite Feature
Her Strength
For someone who has been on medications for over two years and having to deal with her husband death, that could have made her go into depression while my siblings and I fall apart, but that was never the case with her, her strength helped mine, I started relating to my siblings, spill my fears, cry when need be but above all we have each others back.


My Sacrifice
I learnt from my dad that nothing is too small or big to sacrifice, you surrender yourself if need be. In my undergraduate days my mom fell ill and someone had to stay around her with my dad, that became my goal, to be with her, by her side doing everything for her, spent weeks at the clinic while work kept piling up in school. I was able to scale through. Then came the time we lost dad and had to relocate to be with her, I don't have any regrets I'm by her side, every day I'm grateful to see her smile after months of seeing her moping around. By the way I'm the baby of the house, lol.

At times I look at her and marvel at how amazing one person can be, loving, strong and prayerful, almost forgot to add that she's a prayer warrior, I love her as much as I love my dad even in his afterlife, he taught me how to love and my mother taught me how to sustain it no matter what happens. She deserves the best and I am striving real hard to give her that and more.


Live each moment to the best

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Hello, this contest has been over for two days :( I will be glad if you participate in the next contest. I will explain it tomorrow. I am happy that you are in my community.

22.02.2021 16:40

Thank you, I will surely follow up more for subsequent contests

22.02.2021 18:01