Hello friends,

Are you willing to increase your beauty by trying something ayurvedic at home without ant chemical effect? Today I have something very important to share with you.

Calumba wood known as Venivel has high ayurvedic qualities which helps us to maintain our health as well as to maintain our beauty. It is a traditional medicine.


Now let’s see the remedies we can do at home from Calumba as a traditional beauty product.

Calumba helps you to enhance the complexion of your skin, purify your skin, and nourish the skin while it keeps the skin soft, youthful ad revitalized.

Here we go with the methods of using it for your beauty routine.

You can buy Calumba pieces and powder from any Ayurveric shop in your area.

Calumba drink for skin glowing and good health

Take a clean pot and put some Calumba pieces into it. Then pour two cups of clean water into it. Then boil it till the water gets a golden colour. Strain your prepared drink into a glass and it is ready to use.

You can use this three or four times a week.

As well as you can boil some more water in the same way and after boiling the water you can add some honey and lime drops and wash your whole body. It helps to remove dark spots and marks in your body.


Calumba body pack for skin whitening

Take a clean container and add some Calumba powder into it. Then add some calumba boiled water (rose water, clean warm water) into it till it makes a pulp. Add some honey as well. Add few lime drops and mix well. Apply it and wait for 20 minutes before having a shower.

Use this pack two times a week.


Calumba body whitening oil

Take a clean container and add some calumba pieces and turmeric pieces into it. Add three cups of coconut oil and two table spoons of olive oil into it and start boiling it. Let it boil for 20 minutes in low flame. Strain the oil into a clean container. You can store this in room temperature. Apply it 30-40 minutes before having a shower. This helps to have spotless glowing skin.


Calumba ice cube

For these ice cubes you can boil Calumba pieces with water as you did for the Calumba drink.

Let the water cool and put the boiled waterinto an ice cube tray. Use these ice cubes twice a day. These ice cubes help you to have a glowing spotless skin and well as it helps anti-aging.


Try this and share your experience and ideas with me. I hope to come up again with something interesting again. Thank you for the time.

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I’ve used many body packs I made. But never thought to use Calumba as an ingredient. But when I read your post I got excited about Calumba😃. I definitely make this drink ,body pack, and ice ccubes☺️.


29.04.2021 19:10

Really nice to hear that. I've been using this for more than two months now. It has given me a good result.😊😊

30.04.2021 03:43
03.05.2021 15:49