Gold is gaining in value again as a new crisis looms large for the financial markets

Last December's stock exchange dip was one of the worst in the past few decades. S&P 500 fell by 15% compared to its highs from two months earlier. Another highly-relevant aspect is that this event took place in what is traditionally considered the best period of the year, when a pre-Christmas rally would normally be expected.


It took the Federal Reserve great effort to stop the panic. It basically had to reverse its own money and credit policy: instead of tightening its policy, it was relaxed by lowering the interest rates.

But what about gold? As it turns out, such events are incapable of derailing its growth. After several years of stagnation, gold prices are now rising regardless of the moment’s breaking news.

During the December panic, the daily price graph confidently broke through the 200-day moving average line. This is practically the only indicator closely watched by funds and large investors alike when identifying long-term trends. Over the whole month of December, with the stock exchange storm raging, the price of gold rose by 5% to reach $1,280 per ounce.

What happened next? As the Fed announced a relaxation of its monetary policy, gold prices skyrocketed. As of mid-July 2019, the price is at its 6-year high of $1,450.

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