At this time, six months have passed since we posted the first announcement of our GOLD stablecoin. From the start of this project, our team has handled a huge amount of work. Here are some of the key achievements for 2019:

  • Development of our business model;
  • Digital Gold legal setup;
  • Company incorporation;
  • Developed web platform;
  • Digital Gold smart-contract development;
  • Digital Gold partnership with BullionStar;
  • Launch of our Gold storage project;
  • Creation of multi-marketing campaigns;
  • Launch of the official Digital Gold marketplace;
  • Smart-contract audit by the world famous Swiss company ChainSecurity
  • Bullion Star live audit of gold bars in the vault
  • Listing on five exchanges (Bitforex, Livecoin, Cryptex, Coinsbit, Catex);
  • Global localization of the website.

Due to the growing demand for the GOLD token, a new portion of physical gold was purchased 1.5 months ago. The precious metal was delivered to the BullionStar vault in Singapore. At the same time, an additional number of new tokens were minted to cover the extra gold.


The average daily trading volume of the GOLD token is $2-3 million. On some days, it reached up to $5 million.

We would like to wish a Happy New Year to all Digital Gold customers, alongside the best of luck in your business ventures and in life! In the coming year, we plan to delight you with new events and achievements.

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