5 places to visit in Uttarakhand

Uttrakhand is a great choice for that. So we have given here top 10 places to visit in Uttarakhand in February so that you can choose anyone out from the list to have the best vacation in Uttarakhand ever.


ehradun is one of the most common places in Uttarakhand to visit in anytime in a year. And if you are searching for the places to visit in Uttarakhand in monsoon then Dehradun is the best place for that because at this time you will get to see a lot of waterfalls throughout the city which is the major attractions here. Also, you can opt to go to Mussoorie as a sightseeing place from Dehradun which is a completely new world for nature love.


This place is quite famous for its panoramic view of the long forest stretch and also the Himalayan peaks. You can go hiking or trekking in this place as well as the normal sightseeing facility. If you are a wedding photographer then Binsar is a heaven for you. Because you will get to click a lot of photographs here which will make everyone jealous of your vacation pl.

Jimim Corbett Natial Park

f you u are wondering what is the best time to visit Uttarakhand then you should choose the month of February to go there and among all of those places Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most favourite places of tourists. If you are an animal lover then you will get to see a lot of animals and you can even spend the night with bonfires and camping in the forest if.


his iis is a very new place in Uttarakhand from which you can see all the pics at once in a proper panoramic view and that is why the place is gaining popularity day by day. If you go there in February then you will get to see the tea gardens in all the places around the town as well as you can set up camps to enjoy with your family and frs.

Ran Ranikhet

Another name of beauty is Ranikhet and that is why it is called as Queens Land in Uttarakhand. It is one of the best choices for <>Uttarakhand honeymoon packages and that is why you will get to see a lot of newlywed couples coming there. If you have a love for adventure sports then you can try out paragliding here with proper training and safety.

So these were the top 10 places around Uttarakhand which you can visit in February. Whenever we go somewhere a proper travel guide is needed and that is why we make sure to our customers that they don't have to worry about the accommodations and other aspects of travelling. If you want to avail the travel guide service from us then we must contact us Get Ur Holidays through our website.

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