The history of music artists: The case of Therion!


The band Therion is coming from Sweden. And they have been popular in national and international markets, and many people around the world like their presence and human being!

In reality, we are all naked. And the clothes and cosmetics we are using, have something to say with building a sensible brand image. And that brand image should be build forever, and it is about inclusion and warmth in the different markets. And smile to the world, and the world smiles back to you!

Therion is a Swedish symphonic metal-band that was started of Christofer Johnsson in 1987. The name «Therion» is coming from the Greek word therion, and this name means beast, and you find it in the animal in John’s Revelation. The name is actually taken from Celtic Frost and their music albums. The genres of playing to Therion are within symphonic metal and death metal. The their community-of-origin is Upplands Väsby community in Sweden. Several people have joined this band as members and as audience through several times. The band is using such things as vocals, drum, bass, and the guitar! And they are trying to get attention where they are. You find Therion in music vidoes on the internet, and you also find them in music channels like for instance YouTube, Spotify and Google Play Musikk. And many things that can be ever imagined in your mind, they are playing and singing for us.

Therion is using themes for the lyrics from different mythologies and practices, including occultism, magic and ancient traditions and writings. Hence, the lives we are perceiving are somewhat strange and they are also in normal ways. You can do things in life, that you think are in accordance with rules and norms. And singing and dancing are doing incredible things with the people involved. The empowerment and building trust are factors that are important and essential in different band around the globe!

Therion is known many places in the world, and they got their influences from several bands. But the band is in opposition against religions, and although all religions are trying to explain our lives, our meanings of doing things, and what the eternity really is the universe, you can be outside the religions and think of what you like to think about different things and persons.

So, what are the popular songs from Therion today? The most recognized songs are: «The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah», «To Mega Therion» and «Birth of Venus Illegitima». Everything you can think about is just thoughts and ideas that come to mind, and these things can be done in practical and in concrete ways in human nature and in nature. Therion also has some albums that have become famous among many people, and these are: «Vovin», «Lemuria», «Beloved Antichrist», «Theli», and «Secret of the Runes». You can like the music or not, but everything we can perceive has an origin, and this is done in the comfort zones for the people involved. So, we can explain many things going on in different countries, and we can make speculations and guessing about the future. And the guessing could also be qualified guessing!

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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Awesome! I loved these guys when I was in college! 😁

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Nice, i have never heard of them, but had to find some music for Sverres article, and i did enjoy listening to it, kinda symphony theme :)

21.04.2020 22:25