Entry for Artstorm Contest #101 - Libraries - hosted @deemarshall - join Steemit and create art too :)

My entry for Artstorm Contest #101 - Libraries - kindly hosted @deemarshall.

Thanks @organduo and @laputis for prize donations.

My art depicts a woman reaching out for a book at the local library.

Credit - my own art and editing

Some contests and challenges for all to try!

@deemarshall - Art Contests

@mariannewest's 'Five Minute Freewrite' daily post

@kalemandra - Daily colour challenges

Thanks for your support and up-votes

God Bless :)

Comments 2

I love her hair :)

06.11.2019 10:13

Thanks ..yes it is rather a trailing head of hair:)

06.11.2019 14:16